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Don’t Be Naughty! Or you might end up with coal this year!

The exclusive “Don’t Be Naughty” design is available at the affiliated Nerd Realm Merch Store as part of the Holiday Merch line! Go check out the variety of styles and products featured with this design!
Be sure to get this limited design while you can before they’re gone after Dec. 31st!

The “Don’t Be Naughty” design was created by none other than the awesome member of The Nerd Realm channel, Justine Compton! Go support & check out more of her work here: https://linktr.ee/yamspotatopatch
And be sure to contact her if you’d like her to design something for yourself!

Also check out the fun Holiday Nerd Realm Merch Commercial!

If there’s any items you’d like to see with the festive designs or colors that aren’t available, leave a comment and they will try to make it available at the Nerd Realm Merch Store!

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