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Great News Trainers!
All Pokemon card sets from the XY generation are now available on the Trainer Merch Shop!
Every set from XY all the way to Evolutions now has Pokemon Card Singles in stock! Complete that collection or master set by picking up some XY generation Pokemon cards today!

But before you Checkout, why not Save some Money by getting a Discount on your Entire Order!
By becoming a Member on The Nerd Realm YouTube or Twitch channel, you’ll receive a Discount Code that can be used on your Entire Trainer Merch Order Each Month! Become a Nerd Warrior and enjoy all things Nerdy such as Pokemon Cards Streams and Live Gaming, interact and make friends with an awesome Nerdy Community, and receive Member Perks and Trainer Merch Discounts!
Check out The Nerd Realm YouTube or Twitch channel today, Become a Member, and Start Saving!

More Pokemon Card Singles will be added regularly to the XY generation and more!
The next Pokemon generation being worked on for the Trainer Merch Shop is the Black & White generation, so Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter so you can be notified when everything arrives!
Don’t miss your opportunity to Collect ‘Em All and become a Pokemon Master!

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