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Trainers, do you get excited about opening new Pokemon Booster Packs? Does the wondering of what cards you’ll pull, perhaps a Secret Rare, thrill you? Do you wish you could open up more packs but just don’t always have them available to you?

Well check out the Pokemon TCG Product Openings series on The Nerd Realm, where Kyle The Wanderer opens up various Pokemon TCG products with you in search of those Secret Rare cards! Recapture that thrill and wonder as he opens up pack after pack! In the recent episodes, Kyle The Wanderer opens up a Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Booster Case! That’s 6 Booster Boxes with 36 Booster Packs in each box! So what are you waiting for? Check out Box 1 now!

And speaking of Unbroken Bonds, come check out the Unbroken Bonds Pokemon Card Singles we have available in the Trainer Merch Shop right here and pick up your own cards!

Check out the Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Booster Case Opening (Box 1)!

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