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Historic news everyone! Our associated YouTube channel, The Nerd Realm, has launched!

The Nerd Realm is a place and community, where fellow Nerds, can come hangout, watch some videos, and share in our love for all things Nerdy!

The Nerd Realm has a whole segment of videos dedicated to Pokemon Cards, with series such as Pokemon TCG Product Openings, where Kyle The Wanderer opens up various Pokemon TCG products with you and together search for those Secret Rare cards! And the Card Vault series, where you get an up-close look at each individual Pokemon card from the many different Pokemon TCG Sets! The Card Vault series starts where it all began with the Pokemon TCG Base Set!

The Nerd Realm has more types of videos and content planned for the future so watch the Channel Intro video and learn what it’s all about! And while you’re there why not Like and Subscribe so you can be notified when new videos are Live! Also, be sure to Spread the Word so The Nerd Realm community can grow! And if you want to help support the channel even more you can visit the Nerd Realm Patreon page or if you pick up any Pokemon Cards or Codes at the Trainer Merch Shop, every purchase helps to directly support The Nerd Realm channel!

Check out The Nerd Realm Channel Intro Video!

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